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Roy Marsh's KR2S Project

revised Aug 15, 1996

Roy Marsh's KR2S landing at the 95 KR Gathering at Covington, TN. His KR2S is considered to be the first KR2S. It was used, to some extent, as a prototype for mold construction. His fuselage is extended 14" (one bay) to the rear, but doesn't have the extra 2" added in front of the spar that became standard in the plans. His tail is standard KR2 proportions, however.

This is Roy's version of the four bar canopy linkage. Each link is about 12" long, and tucks up into the bottom of the canopy frame when the canopy is closed. The secret to this thing is that the front two links are synchronized by welding them to a bar that is free to rotate, which runs just in back of the instrument panel.

There's always a crowd wherever this KR visits. The engine is a turbocharged 80 hp Revmaster. Roy made frequent trips between California and the Arizona (or New Mexico, I forget).

Roy sold his plane to Ron Lee of Colorado, so he could build a more comfortable cruiser...

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