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KR2S Construction

revised Dec 23, 1996

Jim Hill's KR2 doing 200mph flyby at Hazel Green airport, trying to get a better look at the windsock.

This page features some KR2S projects under construction in an effort to provide insight into the KR building process. Also, there are several completed KRs featured, as well as material sources to help you get your project started.

KR2S Projects under Construction:

  • Mark Langford's KR2S
  • Mike Mims' KR2S
  • Jeff Scott's KR2S
  • John Bryhan's KR2S
  • Ross Youngblood's KR2

    Completed KRs:

  • Adrian Carter''s KR2
  • Roy Marsh's KR2S
  • Bobby Muse's KR2
  • Lester Palmer's KR2
  • Troy Petteway's KR2
  • Ken Thomas's KR2S
  • Gathering '94 photos
  • Gathering '95 photos
  • Gathering '96 photos

    Other good stuff:

  • KR History
  • Construction Tips and Techniques

    Related activities:

    The 97 KR Gathering will be held in Perry, Oklahoma on Sept 19, 20, and 21, 1997. The KR Dinner will be Saturday night. Don Betcham is hosting the affair. You can expect about 15-20 KR aircraft to fly in for the Gathering. This is THE place to learn about KR aircraft so don't miss it!

    The KRNET list is an email list devoted to exchanging information about the KR. To subscribe (it's free!), send a message to with the message "subscribe krnet-l" in the text body (no quotes). That's KRNET-L, not KRNET-1, but lower case. To send messages to the list, send email to You must be a member to post messages to the list, and it usually takes a few days for the adminstrator to add you, so be patient. Past KRNET KR list transcripts are available, maintained by Carlos Sa.

    KROnline is an online KR Newsletter devoted to sharing KR information with other builders and pilots in a timely manner. It is full of valuable information gained from the experience of many web oriented KR builders. Issues are now available as zipped MicroSoft Word files at or as an html document below:
    September 96
    October 96.
    November 96.
    If you'd like to submit articles or photos, email Randy Stein at He likes to receive them in Word 7.0 format with images embedded. Please send him some good articles. We hate so hear him whine and whimper as his deadline approaches.

    There is a VW aero list which can be joined (for free) by sending an email message to with the message "subscribe" in the body. After you are added to the list by the system administrator, you may submit messages to the group by emailing to This list is devoted to the use of VW and 1/2 VW engines in aircraft.

    There is a KR2S forum on America Online under Interests, General Aviation, Homebuilts, KR2S builders, but activity there has been sparse since the advent of KRNET.

    The KR Newsletter is published by Earl Teporten. Older back issues are considered a requirement for KR construction. Selected back issues are available from: KR Newsletter, P.0. Box 579, Lakeville, MN 55044

    Suppliers of KR parts:

    Rand Robinson Engineering, 15641 Product Lane, A-5, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 898-3811
    Manufacturer of the KR1, KR2 and KR2S plans and kits.

    Diehl Aero-Nautical, 1855 North Elm, Jenks, OK 74037 (918) 299-4445
    Manufacturer of wing skins, VW engine accessories and cases, tricycle and conventional landing gear...

    Palmer's KR Machine Shop, 3247 High Lark, Dallas, TX 75234
    Aluminum, steel, and fiberglass KR parts, many original and unique

    Great Plains Aircraft, P.O. Box 545, Boystown, NE 68010 (402) 493-6507
    VW based aircraft powerplants and accessories

    Total Engine Concepts, 2391 Old Dixie Highway, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 (561) 842-2813
    VW based powerplants and Accessories

    Revmaster Aviation, 7146 Sante Fe Avenue East, Hesperia, CA 92345 (619) 244-3074
    VW based aircraft powerplants and accessories, cowlings

    Ken Brock Manufacturing, 11852 Western Avenue, Stanton, CA (714) 898-4366
    VW exhaust systems, prop extensions, many other hard to find parts for homebuilt projects

    Wicks Aircraft, 410 Pine St., Highland, IL 62249 (618) 654-7447
    KR kits and components and many other aircraft parts. (Highly recommended over AS&S)

    Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, 201 W. Truslow Ave., Fullerton, CA 92632 (800) 824-1930
    KR kits and components and many other aircraft parts

    Wag Aero, 1216 North Road, Lyons, WI, 53148 (800) 558-6868
    Wide selection of certified and homebuilt aircraft parts

    Dave Johnson's Reductions, Box 16, Group 15, RR1, Dugald, Manitoba, Canada, ROE OKO (204) 853-7998
    Prop speed reduction units for Subaru engines

    Related sites:

  • Mark Lougheed's "NEARSite"
  • Unofficial Dragonfly Home Page
  • Quickie Home Page
  • John Hovan's RV Home Page
  • Michele Boland's Aviation Page
  • Homebuilt Technical Sites

    If you'd like to submit some images for this page, zip up some 72 dpi JPG images (PC version of PKZip) and email them to me at the address at the bottom of this page.

    Send email or contirbutions to Mark Langford at