First Visit with Richard Mole, 1998

First Visit with Richard Mole, 1998

revised Aug 12, 1998

Mar 16, 1998

Well, the project hasn't seen that much work in the past two months, because I spent the month of February in Wales, and the following months recuperating and fixing all the things that broke while I was gone. The picture above was taken out the window of Richard Mole's Jodel "G-TREK". This particular piece of the Welch coastline is named "The Mumbles" and is one of the U.K.'s finest beach examples.

Richard flew down from his hometown of Leichester, England and let my fly his Jodel homebuilt around the Gower Penninsula for a while, then let me fly it an hour and half back to his house, where he and his wife put me up for the night. I enjoyed an evening of discussing homebuilts and the differences in English and American cultures, and then he flew me back to Wales again! I got a lesson on dodging the quickly changing English weather, as well as the English aviation system. High fuel prices and landing fees are the norm there. We Americans should be thankful for the system that we have...

Here's G-TREK. This plane has won a wall full of "Outstanding workmanship" awards in Europe. It's an all wood French design similar to the KR2 and uses a Limbach VW conversion engine. The external dimensions are also very similar, but it has a very "normal" feel to the elevator controls. No pitch sensitivity at all!

Here's another view of the English countryside, complete with hedgerows. I'd like to thank Richard and Boo for a very nice stay while I was in England, and hope to have the opportunity to see them again some time in the future...

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