SC Performance 3100cc "Big Boy" stroker Corvair engine

SC Performance 3100cc "Big Boy" stroker Corvair engine

revised Oct 25, 2002

NOTE: Bob Sutcliffe has sold his business to Jeff Ballard, probably so he'd have more time to spend at the sand drags in the California dessert. I'd like to thank Bob for doing the machine work for my engine, and several other CorvAircraft engines!

Jeff's address is:
Jeff Ballard
1363 Denton St., Suite 5
Ventura, CA 93003

phone (805) 644-0006

The list below is what you get for your money when you ante up the "Big Boy" engine treatment. The info sheets below detail the products and services that Bob Sutcliffe provided, and I suspect that Jeff will continue with them all. Prices on the sheets below are several years old. Refer to this more current price list of Jeff's products and services for current prices and product offerings.

The Roller rockers below are not part of the deal, but they sure are nice! The stock setup results in continuously changing valve geometry. These don't suffer from that, and improve valve guide wear as well as reduce friction.

When you consider that new forged Corvair pistons and rebored cylinders will cost you $650, that means you can deduct that from the $1500 for Bob's conversion, meaning that for a mere $850, you get a 15% power increase, and save 5 pounds of weight (VW pistons and cylinders are lighter)...

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