1998 KR Gathering at Perry, OK</H3>

1998 KR Gathering at Perry, OK

This year I didn't take many whole airplane pictures, since the same airplanes that were here this year were here last year, and the year before. So I concentrated on the details again.

These seat brackets allow Jeff Scott to quickly flip his sling seat up and out of the way. The top of the bracket serves as a hook to hold the 3/4" aluminum tube that the sling is suspended from, rather than P clamps detailed in the plans. The bracket is also the seat belt attach point at the bottom. This is the front of the aft spar (passenger side).

Pilot side bracket.

Jeff's dual stick arrangement, (the left side).

Rudder pedals.

This is Les Palmer's wing root. There's an aluminum wing tank inside. He trailered his plane in, flew it a few minutes, put it on static display, and trailered it home afterwards.

Les's wheel pants.

Les's Subaru PSRU.

Behind the spinner are the electric prop control brushes.

The PSRU, designed and built by Les Palmer.

Home brewed wheel attachment system similar to the Diehl setup, but machined from aluminum rather than welded from 4130. This was on Max Calkin's old plane (I think). Gear leg is aluminum rather than fiberglass.

This time the aluminum casting was replaced by an 1/8" 4130 weldment. Troy Petteway uses this same setup and has crash tested it with sucess.

Marty Roberts prepares to take another KR builder aloft.

Calvin Campbell's very clean (and recent) engine installation. He had a fairly catastrophic failure a few weeks ago that totaled his old engine.

Tom Stokes, Tommy Waymack, Don Betchan, and Dana Overall think something's pretty funny...

Jeff Scott's plane flew quite a few passengers too.

This is the canopy guide rail on the forward deck of the "Area 51 mutant" that hides in a Perry hangar. It's not fastened down, and is meant to be flush with the deck.

Bobby Muse arrives.

Calvin Campbell's tail fairings.

Rudder pedals.

Don Betchan gives the pilot briefing on Saturday morning.

Here's a home brewed canopy latch on a visiting Q200 (I think).

The Q200 also had an internal spring-based trim system for the elevator.

The Q200 panel and canopy hinge setup.

Les Palmer's few moments of glory.

Steve Bennett of Great Plains Aircraft tore down and rebuilt one of his VW engines to show how easy it is. I think he got his point across, since it only took a few hours.

He gave a running commentary on how to do it and what to check as he went.

The Area 51 bird looks a lot like it did last year, so don't hold your breath on this one.

Now here's a strake that even Mims would hate (on the vertical stab). It's done this way to provide a place for the canopy slide. I wonder how it flies?

Jim Faughn made some new fairings by using his old heavy ones to make molds, then laying up glass in the molds. They were so thin you could see thru them, and were very light.

This is the canopy side mounting for the canopy with the huge v.s. strake system.

Steve's VW assembly class prepares for graduation.

Sign seen on Les Palmer's KR.

Marty Roberts takes control of the parking situation.

Haris tries on some RR premolded parts.

Dan Diehl poured some oil out under Calvin's new engine intallation (after Calvin had bragged about how it didn't leak a drop earlier) to give him something to occupy his time when he came back from lunch. Watch him, folks...

Marty shows that bottom maintenance isn't all the tough after all.

Dana, Steve Eberhart, Randy Stein, Haris, Rob Covington, and his girlfriend Lilah (sp?).

Bobby Muse won "peoples choice" award again, and for good reason.

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