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1996 KR Gathering

revised Oct 5, 1996

The following are photos taken at the 1996 KR Gathering in Pine Bluff Arkansas. I will try to elaborate on the picture with more descriptive captions later.

This is what you look like (if your name is Randy Stein) while taxiing out for your first ride in one of the fastest KR2's in existence.

This is what you look like when you get back.

Mark Lougheed gives his presentation on the "banana boat syndrome" and his lofted cure for the disease. He also had a 1/4 scale fuselage model that he built to prove his point, but I wasn't smart enough to get a picture of that.

This is a rather bad picture of some KRNet members at the Gathering. Left to right are Mark Lougheed, Mike Mims, Randy Stein and Mark Langford. The goofy expressions are probably due to the 2AM time. I promise a better picture next year. Jeff Scott and John Bryhan were also on hand, but were proabably smart enough to be asleep when this picture was taken. We also met several lurkers there.

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