Dual carb flanges

Dual carb flanges for the 110 hp Corvair

revised June 8, 2001

The following were scanned from the October 1961 issue of Hot Rod magazine, sent to me by Rich Parker for your consumption. You should see the REST of the mag! But 41% increase in power to the rear wheels by simply improving breathing kinda makes you wonder about that manifold, no matter WHO says it works just fine! This increase is due to nothing more than improving the intake manifold and adding two more carburetors. Since the article speaks of increasing max hp to the wheels, I'd guess that they are measuring this at or somewhat above the 4400 rpm max hp that GM quotes the 110 hp figure at. That number is not all THAT much higher than the 3600 rpm that I plan to run at, at least on climbout.

This photo is from the cover of Richard Finch's book "How to Keep your Corvair Alive". I just happen to have two of these 40DCOE Weber carbs, which I have been saving for exactly this reason. Although I'll start off with a single Ellison carb, I feel sure that I will not be able to resist mounting two of them like this picture shows (on a 140 head). Now I realize that I'm probably already pushing the cooling envelope with the 3100cc big bore kit, but consider the possibilty of gaining another 15 or 20 horsepower for about 6 more pounds of weight! Of course the single Ellison that I'm presently running appears to be just fine for our low RPM. I'll let you know...

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