Corvair College

2000 Corvair College

These headers show what you can do with a little torch time. Note the discombobulated attachment. Not stock, but it works.

Rear starter mounting, and tooth counter tach pickup.

Top cover with filler welded on.

William's ignition system includes the MSD coil switcher (upper right).

Bob Sutcliffe's exhaust tubes. They DO look a little larger don't they?

William's new KR Corvair mount.

"I'm telling ya, this is where it's at!"

"And it says so right here".

This side view should give you a good idea of how shallow this engine can be. This was zoomed out to keep perspective at bay. Scaling off the valve covers should give me a good start on a CAD side view that I can use to design a KR cowling.

Front view (really) for the same purpose.

This is the recently discussed "wedge" chamber that should be avoided.

William's answer to the oil cooler relocation problem: Welded AN fittings.

It DOES sound sweet!

The Corvair Authority, reduced to pumping a press! But they're defying physics and pressing a wrist pin into a rod!

It's true, learned colleagues. The magic studs are IN!